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These students protested their high school’s dress code in a creative way

clovis dress code protest

What's inside those lockers at Clovis West High School? (mrphancy/Flickr)

The Clovis Unified School District in California refused to update school dress code rules, and students there are NOT happy.

The current and, students say, outdated dress code says male students cannot have hair longer than "the mid-point of a standard stand-up shirt collar," that earrings are inappropriate for males, and that dresses, skirts, and culottes (culottes?) are acceptable only for females.

New additions that would've changed these guidelines were rejected, which has many people wondering what year we are really in.

Students started a petition, which has gotten over 3,000 signatures thus far. They're also protesting in a very creative way: females dressed in traditionally male clothing, males dressed in traditionally female clothing.

Here's a glimpse at how the protest looked:

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These students protested their high school’s dress code in a creative way

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