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Oh snap, the WH just said a bunch of Clinton’s emails were ‘top secret’



Well, well, what do you know ... more drama around Hillary Clinton's emails has surfaced today. This rollercoaster of a case took another twist (ugh, that pun) when we found out that some of her emails (that went to her personal server!) were too confidential to publicly release.

(And if you don't know what we're talking about, go here.)

In fact, the Obama admin--which Clinton was part of as SecState--said today that at least 22 of the emails on Clinton's private server were "top secret." Also, the State Department announced they'll be releasing a new batch of emails for us to pour over later Friday.


Clinton has gone on and on about her right to a private account and has so far avoided being prosecuted, but this could throw a wrench in her defense. The messages were deemed "beyond Top Secret," which pretty much dispels her argument that nothing classified came through that email address.

But, we've seen her get out of sticky situations like this before.

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Oh snap, the WH just said a bunch of Clinton’s emails were ‘top secret’

Samantha Rhodes

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