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Listen up, candidates: this is what millennials care about in #Election2016


What millennials want is security. (NYEncounter / Flickr)

Millennials, who make up the largest US demographic, are passionate about green energy and stricter gun control laws, but their top concern is the economy.

Turns out the millennial generation is pragmatic and has still not aligned fully with either political party. Among millennial women, Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders are the top picks--but that's if they even vote. That's what a new poll says.

Another poll earlier in 2015 had found Hillary Clinton to be more popular, and 55% wanted a Democrat in the White House.

Millennials are concerned about the economy a la Sanders, and about higher minimum wage and more paid leave. College affordability and student debt tied with their financial issues. An overwhelming 82% support tighter background safety checks for gun owners.

Ashley Spillane, the president of Rock the Vote, told Kicker, "Young people want to see solutions to problems," not just arguing over them. And here's what she thinks every presidential candidate should know about millennials:

"We care, and we have the potential to determine the outcome in this election."

In fact, she said young voters could very well swing the 2016 election:

“If they show up, they’re the determining factor.”

So, the question is: Will millennials show up to vote? 60% say they will. Rock the Vote is seeing a significant jump in voter registration, Spillane said, so that could be a concrete sign that they'll go to the polls. Have you registered yet? If not, you can do that now right here.

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Listen up, candidates: this is what millennials care about in #Election2016

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