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Here’s Hard Proof This December Weather Has Been Truly, Truly Bizarre

Weird weather has hit the globe, including the North Pole, this month. (Grand Canyon National Park / Flickr)

What's with all this wacky weather?

Blizzards, tornadoes, ice, flooding, fires, warm weather, it goes on. And it's bad. In the US, at least 48 people died in this weird weather since Christmas.

Here's some hard evidence this year's December month of weather has been out of the ordinary and why that is:

1. The North Pole could be warmer than Oklahoma City today.

The North Pole is going to be so warm today--about 50 to 60 degrees warmer than usual--meteorologists are calling it a heat wave up there.

The North Pole is dark 24 hours a day this time of year. And typical winter weather usually hovers around negative 15 or 20 degrees.

Warm weather and Atlantic oceans will skyrocket temperatures to around 40 degrees, above freezing, in the North Pole. Which means the North Pole could melt some ice today. Can you picture Santa sweating?

2. Tornadoes raged in the South.

It's not tornado season, but that doesn't matter. This month could be the deadliest December of tornadoes in history.

Nine tornadoes hit Northern Texas over the weekend, sadly killing at least 11 people. Hundreds of homes and buildings were damaged, or even leveled, in the tornadoes.

One woman who died was on FaceTime with her husband just before being killed in a tornado.

3. Extreme flooding put the Midwest on edge.

The flooding in Missouri is so serious, Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency:

"It's very clear that Missouri is in the midst of a very historic and dangerous flooding event."

Today's flood threat could beat record water levels not seen since 1993.

Rain and flooding affecting Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Arkansas have killed 17 people so far. Stay tuned as the threat's not yet gone.

Evacuations have been ordered, roadways have been shut down, and risks of river levee breaches are rising along rivers in the region.

4. It's an abnormally warm winter overall.

Wasn't it just *hot* before Christmas? Yup. Thousands of high temp records were broken across the country all this month.

Record heat was felt in the South all last week and it was the warmest Christmas Eve ever for many spots in the East.

2015 will go on record as the warmest year EVER.

5. It's warm, yeah, but there's also tons of snow and ice.

The South had a blizzard. Yes. Even Texas, after tornadoes in the same state.

New Mexico got hit hard with record snow, suffering snow drifts as high as 10 feet. New Mexico!

And there's a state of emergency there.

That same storm system traveled all the way to the Northeast yesterday. It was the first snowfall after a real warm winter.

Chicago got some nasty ice as well.

6. There's unusual weather all over the world.

It's so warm, people are mowing United Kingdom golf courses so people can play ... in December.

That's not all:

But ... why? It's El Niño--and maybe climate change too.

First of all: What the heck is an El Niño? It's a weather pattern located in the Pacific Ocean, where warm water pools around the Equator there. Winds can be thrown out of whack and move the warm temps in different directions than usual.

Strong El Niño seasons can affect other weather patterns across the world as a sort of chain of wild weather events. Scientists predicted months ago this year's El Niño would be especially strong. Which means it could last into the rest of the winter...

While the focus is on the El Niño, climate change is being pointed out as a factor in making the El Niño stronger these days.

And don't expect it to end anytime soon. This wickedly weird weather could continue through the winter.

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Here’s Hard Proof This December Weather Has Been Truly, Truly Bizarre

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