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Vladimir Putin likes the idea of President Trump

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Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama don't get along all that well. Seems like Putin likes the idea of a President Trump. (Pete Souza / Wikimedia Commons)

No, this isn’t a joke. Russian President Vladimir Putin actually said that Trump is,

"The absolute leader in the presidential race. He is a very outstanding person, talented, without any doubt."

He also said he loves Trump's idea of the US and Russia getting cozier:

"He wants to move to another level of relations, a closer, deeper level of relations with Russia. ... How can we not welcome this? Of course we welcome this."

It’s true. Trump actually said that he thinks he’d get along with Putin, and apparently Mr. Putin is down.

What does America think? Putin has to be kidding.

Many are also saying that this is basically an endorsement.

Does an endorsement from someone who isn’t American and can’t vote in our election really count? Should it? Especially when that someone is the leader of a major country and a frenemy at best?

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Vladimir Putin likes the idea of President Trump

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