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A Generation Fed Up With College Debt Is Taking It to the Streets #MillionStudentMarch

The student debt generation has HAD IT. 

College students across the country gathered to call for change in American education. Facing being stuck with as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars in college debt, these students are brewing a movement against tuition rates, college debt, and wages on campus. And it started with yesterday's #MillionStudentMarch.

It's a real problem. We all know college is super expensive and it's getting costlier. Life isn't all that great with college debt - there's even actual proof of depression and health issues due to it.

Basically, student debt is crushing millennials and alarming Generation Z.

Could yesterday's #MillionStudentMarch change things on money in American colleges?

Here are their demands

The #MillionStudentMarch is serious about this.

They have 3 demands:

Demands from the Million Student March website, studentmarch.org

Students at many college campuses potentially over 100--showed up in strength.

Let's take a quick look at their demands and how realistic they really are.

1. Free public college

They want free public college in America. Who doesn't like free?



Many #MillionStudentMarch supporters say free education is a right. Not everyone agrees.

And many are saying this idea is expensive and unrealistic. This march organizer had a pretty hard time explaining how free tuition could be financed with higher taxes on the wealthy:

#Students are protesting for the top #1% of earners to pick up their #college #tuition tab Fox Business

Posted by Neil Cavuto on Thursday, November 12, 2015

2. Student debt cancelation

It's undeniable: College debt has hit an astronomical and historical high.

Students want to cancel it all -- and some are just refusing to pay back their loans. Student debt is the top millennial money issue.



3. $15 minimum wage for campus workers

Students are banding with the #FightFor15 minimum wage movement and calling for a raise in wages on campus.



What do you think? Are you fed up and supporting these demands? Or are #MillionStudentMarch's demands unrealistic?

It's yet to be seen if these actions will actually bring about change -- this is one of the largest student fights against college costs in recent history. It could be the start of a larger movement, or it could fizzle out. Stay tuned.

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A Generation Fed Up With College Debt Is Taking It to the Streets #MillionStudentMarch

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