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4 Brutal Tactics ISIS Is Using to Terrorize the World–and What We’re Doing About It

You may not have heard too much about the terrorists known ISIS or Islamic State lately, but they've been carrying on their brutal ways.

Here are four tactics they're using to terrify us and terrorize us--and what we're doing about it.

1. Raping innocent girls--in the name of religion

This girl won't let herself or her family be captured by ISIS. (Adam Rifkin / Flickr)

ISIS is advocating rape ... justified by religion. Twisted. *shudder*

Really. ISIS has captured hundreds of girls and brought them by bus to places they control in Iraq and Syria--and sold them as sex slaves.

They even cite a passage in the Islamic holy book, the Quran, claiming it allows for rape of non-believers. Many of the young women being raped in the name of religion are Yazidi, a Christian sect.

Girls who have escaped from this hell have shared stories of being raped before and after their rapists prayed. Their rapists said that the rape was a way of worship that would bring them closer to God. Vile.

That's not all. ISIS also thinks rape is a good recruiting tool that gets male supporters to help them and partake in the sex slavery trade.

And if the women resist sex, they can be killed--that happened to 19 women last week.

2. Beheading captives

ISIS has been doing this for awhile now--executing Western captives by beheading.

The latest one was yesterday. This time it was a 30-year-old dad from Croatia.

He had been captured by Egyptian militants connected to ISIS. They pledged to kill him in 48 hours, unless the Egyptian government released female Muslim prisoners. That didn't happen, so they apparently executed him.

3. Encouraging lone wolf attacks

Think the worst is only in Iraq and Syria, where ISIS has strongholds? The Islamic State wants to hit harder at the West.

An ISIS group has called for more "lone wolf" attacks against Western countries.

A lone wolf is an individual acting alone, not part of a group, and without help from a larger organization. Basically, ISIS encourages people who sympathize with and support them to go ahead and carry out attacks in their name.

A hacking division of ISIS even released the names and personal information (like emails and passwords) of more than 1,400 members of the United States military and government to target.

The U.S. is paying close attention to these threats. The government even says they thwarted a bunch of would-be lone wolves on July 4th weekend.

And it's not just the U.S.--there are alarming threats in Australia with eight nationals on a hit-list by ISIS, verbal threats against Germany in an ISIS video, and claims of lone wolves being trained to attack in Britain.

4. Bombing innocent people

ISIS is taking over large swaths of countries like Syria, but they're also still carrying out small-scale bombings and attacks aimed at regular people, not just militaries.

In fact, ISIS just carried out a truck bombing in Iraq's capital, Baghdad, in a popular market. It killed more than 65 people and hurt 152 others.

This is what the scene looked like after the bomb ripped through the market:

And ISIS said they were responsible for a bombing attack at a Saudi Arabia mosque last week. That attack killed about 13 people.

And they also claimed responsibility for a bombing last week in the Iraqi city Baquba. That killed at least 30 people shopping at an outdoor market.

That's over 100 deaths in one week alone in relatively minor bombings in places where random people are going about their lives, shopping and praying.

What are we doing about it?

Good question.

The fight against ISIS is churning on.

Today the U.S. started carrying out airstrikes by manned bomber jets against ISIS in Syria. We'd already done unmanned airstrikes over Syria from Turkey in the last few weeks.

Just last month, Turkey decided to allow the U.S. launch strikes against ISIS from a southern air strip in their country. Because that location is close to Syria, the time to strike an ISIS target has been cut down dramatically.

And there's the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition of 60 countries. They are launching strikes against ISIS almost daily. The coalition says it's killed at least 10,000 ISIS militants in 9 months.

There is talk of setting up an anti-ISIS zone in northern Syria to secure the Turkish border and prevent foreign fighters from joining the Islamic State. It hasn't been formed yet.

And a U.S. army chief is suggesting that U.S. troops should embed with Iraqi forces fighting the Islamic State.

Stay tuned.

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4 Brutal Tactics ISIS Is Using to Terrorize the World–and What We’re Doing About It

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