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Sudan’s president just hopped on a plane to avoid arrest


Omar al-Bashir in South Sudan. (Al Jazeera English / Flickr)

Omar al-Bashir, the president of Sudan, has been accused of war crimes and genocide by the International Criminal Court. So any government that's signed on to the treaty establishing the court should theoretically arrest him, including South Africa, where he just was for a meeting.

South Africa's High Court ordered the government to keep al-Bashir from leaving the country. Then they held a hearing to decide whether or not he should be arrested. Meanwhile, while the hearing was actually going on, al-Bashir ... got on his presidential jet and flew home.

He was basically greeted as a hero when he got home. And a lot of other African governments are basically on his side. Why? Well, a lot of people think the International Criminal Court is biased, because it has so far only investigated crimes in Africa. Which, honestly, does look bad.

But ... on the other hand, al-Bashir is responsible for some seriously bad stuff that happened in Darfur.

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Sudan’s president just hopped on a plane to avoid arrest

Sarah Morgan

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