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Dean Baquet, New Executive Editor of The New York Times

Dean Baquet is the new Executive Editor of The New York Times -- and the first-ever African-American to hold that job.

Dean Baquet

Dean Baquet. (uscannenberg / Flickr)

Jill Abramson, the paper's first-ever female Executive Editor, is out of (arguably) the highest editorial position in the land -- after a sudden announcement of her departure.

Update: Abramson was apparently fired largely because of her "mercurial," "abrasive" style, which included her having the brass to bring it to her bosses' attention when she realized the guy who held her job before her made more money than she did.

The announcement was made to a stunned newsroom at 2:30 this afternoon:

The whole media industry was pretty stunned, too.

So, who's the new guy?

Well, he's been at The Times for awhile, serving as an assistant managing editor, and the national editor before spending a few years running the L.A. Times (before he was ousted). So, Baquet is definitely a newspaper guy. But is he a digital guy?

And does it really matter if he uses Twitter?

The change went into effect immediately. Baquet already presided over his first Page One meeting:

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Dean Baquet, New Executive Editor of The New York Times

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