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Twitter and Instagram Broke Up – What’s the Deal?

It's official: Instagram, everyone's favorite smartphone app that allows you to easily edit and share photos, is no longer with Twitter.

For people who used to be like this:


Life now feels like this:

Instagram Twitter fail whale

So who broke up with whom? And is there any good news here?

Here's the snitch on what the separation of two of today's biggest social media monsters means for you.

For the love of Instagram

Dear Instagram, you make me happy when skies are... photogenic.

Blue skies

The filter is Instagram's most iconic feature. By allowing users enhance the contrast and coloring of any plain ol' photo, you can turn that bowl of steamed broccoli into digital art ...

Steamed broccoli

or your bulldog into an online celebrity.

Bulldog nation

(Instagraming food and cute pets seems to be the norm, along with a few other cliche shots.)

Really, people are pretty much Instagramming anything and everything these days, creating the Instagram Reflex:

Instagram isn't just being used to document and brighten the images of everyday life. Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the strong role the photo app plays in documenting big events. Time magazine used Instagram to share storm photos, as did other news outlets. Not to mention scores of ordinary people, too.


Instagram just surpassed 50 million users and continues to add 5 million users a week.

Twitter vs. Instagram

So what's this breaking up business?

Well, last spring, the relationship between Twitter and Instagram became a love triangle when Facebook bought Instagram for a cool $1 billion.

Let's not forget that Twitter founder Jack Dorsey invested $7 million in Instagram in 2011. (He is an active user, too.)

But we all know, love triangles are always complicated. Twitter and Facebook have sort of been competing for Instagram love.

Twitter users loved Instagram too, as they could easily include their filtered photos in their tweets.

But suddenly, Instagram dismantled their photosharing support on Twitter, causing any Instagram image to look weird or show up as white space on Twitter, with a link to Instagram.

It seems to be part of a new and developing Instagram strategy. After all, they recently rolled out profile pages, too.

No more Instagrams on Twitter? Now what?

Your world of filtered photos on Twitter isn't over.

Twitter just announced it would launch a new photo-sharing feature. And guess what? It also has filters:

Sorry, Instagram, but you can't filter the filter... and if you're not going to provide it for the Twitterverse, someone else will. Enter Aviary, which is now providing Twitter users with photo-enhancing tools.

But you know that friend who wants to one-up you on everything? That's Instagram here. Following Twitter's announcement that it would introduce their own photo enhancing, Instagram unveiled version 3.2 of the their app.

Is all of this good news or bad news?

Well, so far reactions are mixed.

Some are just confused...


Others are aren't really diggin' the changes...


A few, though, are happy with Instagram's new features.


The Kicker

The kicker is, there are actually some things you can do. Here are a few suggestions:


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Twitter and Instagram Broke Up – What’s the Deal?

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