Hurricane Sandy by the Numbers

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You’ve seen the photos (even the fake ones) and watched the videos. But do you know how many people Hurricane Sandy has affected? You do now.

Hurricane Sandy by the numbers [infographic]

The Kicker

Here are some more ways to help:

Volunteer to help clean up >>

Give blood >>

Help at your local food bank >>

Donate to help animals displaced by the storm >>

Images used under Creative Commons licensing.

Jennifer Cain

Jenny is a freelance writer from Orange County, Calif. and former banana slug, or UC Santa Cruz alum. On the weekends she moonlights at Garlic Jo's (Thai, Japanese, Italian, Tex-Mex fusion) and likes cooking with friends. During the week she volunteers and attempts to learn French. She recently helped start The Orange Bubbly, a satirical news site. Her last pet was a 30-pound cat named Jaws and she loves anything with avocado on it. Follow: @jennymcain.

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